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Outdoor String Lights

Need outdoor solar string lights for your house? Check out our online collection! 

Outdoor string lights Canada add an elegant and sparkly look to your outdoor spaces like backyards. There are a lot of people who like to spend a lot of time in their outdoor space. So it becomes really important to have an arrangement of proper lighting for late evening parties and barbeques and dark hours. Sometimes it becomes really hard to find a power outlet and few houses do not even come with power outlets in their backyards. Outdoor solar string lights are environment-friendly, energy-efficient, and provide versatile alternatives for classic lighting systems. You can create elegant looks, designed shades to match your home décor. Solar lights panels take approximately 8 hours to get charged and they can last the whole night. LED bulb strings provide even brighter and cleat light than regular traditional bulbs. At outdoor solar lights, we carry a huge selection of LED string lights. 

Outdoor solar string lights are part of our future, so let’s start with the trend right now! Beautiful, colorful, and unique string lights can be established at any outdoor place. You can get creative with colors and shapes you can create with them. Tired of replacing batteries? Or looking for something environmentally friendly? Outdoor solar string lights can make your life easier. You just need to install it once, once the solar panel is placed in the sun, it will be charged automatically, you do not need to worry about batteries again. Shop from our affordable, durable, and eco-friendly outdoor solar string lights. All solar string lights come with a button that allows you to switch between modes like Wave, Half-half Fading, Half-half Flash, Fade, Odd/Even Quick Flash Alternating, Fade, Steady On, Odd/Even Slow Flash Alternating, and auto-cycle for all modes. These solar string lights will add a colorful and stylish look to your space. 

Need to shop for outdoor solar string lights? Check out our Outdoor Solar Lights website and shop from our solar string lights. We have a variety of styles available that includes Street garland outdoors, fairy lights, waterproof strings, fairy blossom flowers, 100 LED strings, solar balls, lily flower strings, solar star strings, honeybee shape 50 LED string, dragonfly string lights, and much more. Doesn’t matter where do you live, we can deliver quality solar string lights. What are you waiting for? Check our selection and order yours! Let our outdoor space sparkle without an outdoor solar string lights collection!

What are the different types of String lights?

There are many options available in string lights. But following four are the very famous in outdoor string lights Canada

  1. Mini String Lights: These strings come with small bulbs in various shapes, colors, and styles. These kinds of strings can usually be seen wrapped around a Christmas tree in Canada.
  2. Globe String Lights: These strings usually have larger bulbs that come in different shapes and colors. These kinds of strings are also known as Edison Lights, Patio Lights, Cafe Lights, or Party Lights. 
  3.  People choose these lights for parties and festival looks.
  4. Fairy Lights: It is also called Micro String Lights as these solar strings come with tiny LED lights. In Fairy lights size of these LED lights is very small and it has a very thin bendable wire.
  5. Novelty String lights: These solar strings are also referred to as Specialty Lights.  This kind of string has a special dedicated theme such as blossom, dragonfly, or honeybee string lights.