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Outdoor Solar Lights

Level up your Outdoor appeal and home security with our outdoor solar lights!

Outdoor Lighting is very functional, especially solar lights. These lights get charged with sunlight during the day hours and then automatically turn on in the dark. A fully charged LED light can last up to 8 hours. Earth-friendly solar lights are surrounded by glass and most of them are made of metal, which is what protects them during rainy days and makes them more durable. Outdoor lighting increases light and security in your outdoor space, highlights your backyard’s beauty, and helps you walk safely in dark. Outdoor solar lights Canada specializes in solar outdoor lights, Christmas lights, garden lights, and string lights. Level up your curb appearance by highlighting your walkway with our best landscape lighting, with no plug needed. We can help you decorate your home's sides, walls, patio, pergola, or gazebo with our various outdoor solar lights designs and styles. Choose can choose your styles to match the background space. We have a large variety of lights for the backyard, patio, garden, walkway, pool, railing, and much more. These lights can enhance the beauty of your space and create a charming environment for you.

Make your outdoor space even brighter with our Outdoor Landscape Lighting!

Adding some decorative lights to your garden can enhance the overall appearance of your outdoor space. It can also help you set up a beautiful ambiance and enjoy sitting in the dark. These can brighten your side entrances and walkways that can let you enjoy a safer walk. Outdoor lighting comes in various types. Outdoor solar lights styles from Christmas lights, string lights, and garden lights that include sensor solar lights, LED solar lights, LED spotlight lamps, street garland solar lights, solar waterproof strings, underground solar LED lights and more. We have got some sparkly dragonfly strings, sweet and sharp honey bee strings and fairy blossoms to spice up and add a little more detailing to your outdoor space. Looking for some elegant designs for everyday use or need something more dramatic and decorative for a festival look; we got you covered.

Why Solar Outdoor Lighting?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is weatherproof and survives all weather conditions. It is durable and weather condition like heat and snow does not affect it and also the solar panel is weatherproof.

Some of the lights do include remote, and others don’t. But the one that does not come with remote does not require it because it would emit only one light and it doesn’t need adjustments.

When the sun goes down they will automatically turn on or if there is no sun due to clouds and there is not much daylight.

It depends on the sunlight, if there was sunlight all day then they will last all night, and if its cloudy all day then it might last 4-5 hours only.

They are plastic and are shatterproof, that is the reason they can withstand adverse weather conditions. It does not have glass so no risk of shattering. There is no such bulb in it too.

No, these lights are solar chargeable only. Do not try to connect it to electric source and they do not have any other battery options in it. It is not possible to connect it to something if they are solar lights.

It depends on which light you are buying. There are lots of options of light color like multicolor, warm white and cool white.